Ebony Tree Council

We go deep for social change


As a community-based organization, Ebony Tree Council provides resources, access, and career opportunities to young people. This work gives youth the space to not only gain necessary skills but also the confidence to navigate life’s journey.

Ebony Tree Council will spread its programming roots wide to touch the diverse interests of young people and address their unique needs and challenges. We will address opportunities in social activism, poverty alleviation, social entrepreneurship, and career development.

Co-Founder – Anna Griffin

Anna Griffin, co-founder

Anna Griffin is the matriarch of a collective of beautiful minds. She is the wife partner of Fredrick D. Griffin, the mother of Gregory, Chanel, Myles, and the Ga Ga of Christian, Charlie and Stevie; her legacies. Anna’s passion for her family is the driving force behind her passion for social change.

Anna was born and raised in Washington DC but now resides in Augusta Ga. In 2012, she returned to college with idea of saving the world one person at a time. During her studies, she took a Sociology class and it changed her entire perspective on life and her role in it. She found that her purpose was much deeper and broader.

One day after class in 2017, she visualized Ebony Tree Council and its purpose. With each class or project, Anna came to understand more of what her role was and with that realized she had a societal debt to pay! A debt due to each Black generation after hers. As a dual major in Sociology and Criminal Justice, she graduate with honors June 2019 armed with knowledge and ready to pay her debt.

Frederick Griffin, co-founder

After 30 years of combined service—military and civilian—in the defense industry, Frederick felt the call to have a more direct impact on the lives of people who are marginalized by systematic and cultural challenges. He thrives on non-traditional educational opportunities because they fill the gaps that formal systems have left behind. Frederick is also energized by helping others develop a growth mindset.

Ebony Tree Council, inspired by his talented soulmate Anna, is a lighthouse in the fog of life’s chaos. Where they can lovingly uplift their communities through positive images of success, and shatter the mythical narratives intended to keep people of African descent in bondage.

When they’re not fighting for social justice, Frederick and Anna travel the country in search of jazz music festivals and serve in the role of grandparents, their greatest joy!!