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Why We Are Here

Our goal at Ebony Tree Council is to provide our young people with a glimpse into various career fields in the following ways:

  • Highlight the disparities and the opportunities in certain career fields
  • When possible, highlight African American professionals who are successful in those fields
  • Introduce a new perspective on potential careers
  • Provide resources to help develop healthy career development strategies

Profile in Black Careers

Twice per month, we will highlight the career of an amazing black professional. The user will view a snippet from a
video interview with a black professional in
this career.

Wealth Gap In Black and White

There is no dispute that systemic and institutional racism has had damaging effects on the career aspirations of our children. This dynamic reveals itself in limited access to resources that help black and brown children explore the full range of viable career options.


Despite the barriers intended to stagnate diversity, equity and inclusion we continue to demonstrate the power of perseverance!

Organization Change Managers

Much like the name implies, a Change Manager is tasked with organizing, tracking, and suggesting the changes in which the implementation of the company’s structure is necessary for higher efficiency and profit. They are meant to make these processes as effective and efficient as possible.
Current Density:
30,325 personnel
Black Representation
Difference 7%
Projected 10 year growth
Difference 11%
blazer, man, guy-2590798.jpg


Paralegals and legal assistants do a variety of tasks to support lawyers, including maintaining and organizing files, conducting legal research, and drafting documents.






Current Density:

294,138 personnel
Black Representation
Difference 8.9%
Projected 10 year growth
Difference 12%

Court Appointed Advocate

The face of diversity at all levels matters. The importance of a community must be seen through the eyes of someone who has lived the moment for authentic change.


Current Density:

4,091 personnel
Black Representation
Difference 12%
Projected 10 year growth
Difference 13%

How Many Careers

We believe that each of us are only as broad as our experiences. Often, all it takes is looking every day life with a fresh perspective for us to realize unique opportunities.

We challenge you imagine how many careers are possible in the photos below; then send us a comment on what you create.

Come up with something fresh and we will share your top picks on our social media under #howmanycareers