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Together We Can Provide Better Life to All of our Children

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With your support, we can expand the imagination of our children to include positive self images, progressive career development, entrepreneurial success, and active community involvement.

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Together We Can Change The World!


We need bold partners to eradicate generational poverty. We need to collaborate with organizations who are ready to make the ideas of change become a reality. 

Together, we can show our children what success feels like; then demonstrate how to achieve success through workshops, live experiences, and team projects.

Finally, with your help, we can build a pipeline of bold young people who are excited about the prospects for themselves and their communities.

Current Goals

Our main focus is taking a holistic approach to helping young people (15 – 22 years old) develop a balanced and sustainable lifestyle as the pursue their dreams.  See how we do it:




Providing resources for career planning and development, mentoring, and networking


Goal: $5000

Raised: $3900


Providing training in project management, entrepreneurship, social awareness, and community development.


Goal: $5000

Raised: $5000



Providing training in personal development, healthy living, and mental clarity


Goal: $10000

Raised: $9600