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The Learning Tree

In Search of Excellence

Under the Learning Tree, we provide our children with the critical skills and tools to begin the journey towards abundant and fulfilling life experiences.

What We Do

Stages of the Learning Tree:

  • Seekers (recommended ages 15-17 years old)
    • No prerequisites
  • Explorers (recommended ages 17 – 19 years old)
    • Prerequisite: Successful completion of Seekers program or individual assessment.
  • Conquerors (recommended ages 20 – 22 years old)
    • Prerequisite: Successful completion of Explorers program or individual assessment.
  • Builders (recommended ages 17 – 22 years old)
    • Prerequisite: Active participation in Conquerors program and endorsement by assigned mentor.


The youth participating this stage are starting the journey of self discovery. At this stage, we teach our children what it means to live in authenticity and truth. Key experiences include personal assessments, mindfulness, and communications.


During this stage, our youth learn to to consider a life of purpose and plot a course that leads to an abundant and fulfilling life. Key experiences include life design planning, financial literacy and teamwork.


The youth participating this stage have begun to master the skills that contribute to an abundant and fulfilling life. Key experiences in this stage include Mentoring, Networking and Internship


The youth working in this stage with those who have a strong desire to contribute their gives and talents towards building their communities in ways never before imagined. Key experiences in this stage include community service, civic responsibility and social entrepreneurship

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The Learning Tree is open twice per year (Spring and Fall) for an eight week period. 

We have open registrations 30 days prior to the beginning of each session for a two week period.


We hold screening interviews for each applicant and select up to 7 primary and 3 alternate candidates. We limit the number of seats available to ensure a quality experience for each child and to manage program costs.

The remaining applicants are invited to join our waitlist for a opening in case a candidate declines or drops from the program.

Each selected candidate will receive an invitation to join the next available program orientation. The orientation is a 2-hour event and mandatory for program participation.

The average cost per student for each stage (see below). The cost per stage varies based upon the materials used and the richness of the experiences made available:

  • Seeker = $150.00
  • Explorer = $200.00
  • Conqueror = $250.00
  • Builder = $350.00

We invite individuals and organizations to sponsor candidates; a specific stage; or the entire program for one session.

We also invite individuals and organizations to sponsor key events used to deepen the quality of the experience, including

  • Networking Practicums
  • Annual Gala
  • Cultural Excursions
  • Social Enterprise Projects


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