Series: Food Insecurity Impact

This post was originally published on Medium. Today, we’re opening a new series on food insecurity related issues. Specifically, we intend to use this series to discuss the issues around food insecurities. We will use the first 3–4 submissions to introduce our approach to reducing the impact that food insecurity has on marginalized communities. WelcomeContinue reading “Series: Food Insecurity Impact”

Clear Vision 2021

This post was originally published on Medium. We’ve just completed our annual review in the lab at ETC and felt it necessary to share a few highlights from the session. Certainly, every human on the planet will have testimonies to share about surviving the past 12 months. So, we won’t waste your time pontificating aboutContinue reading “Clear Vision 2021”

The Time Has Come

This post was originally published on Medium. The time has come for Black America to admit a fundamental truth about expectations from the system of government in the United States. …and again, it comes down to the images that we choose to absorb into our consciousness. The images we expect? A holistic governmental (executive, legislativeContinue reading “The Time Has Come”

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