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The Time Has Come

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The time has come for Black America to admit a fundamental truth about expectations from the system of government in the United States.

…and again, it comes down to the images that we choose to absorb into our consciousness.

The images we expect? A holistic governmental (executive, legislative and judicial) approach to protecting the socioeconomic rights of all citizens.

What do you see?

The images we expect? A collaborative approach by state, local and community leadership to finally make the cost of systemic and institutional racism too painful for individuals or groups to conduct, condone or condition others to perform.

What do you see?

The most effective way to embracing images that 1) tell your in the context that helps you connect with expanding your self beliefs; and 2) serve as a beacon to our youth…USE YOUR OWN ??

At ETC, we believe in drawing from the strengths of our community to uphold a narrative founded in truth; delivered in love; and focused on an growth mindset.

We support ecosystems fueled by these principles and working towards self sustainable community;

– Networks

– Markets

– Education

– Entrepreneurship

– Leadership

Go Deep For The Culture ????

Published by Anna 2.0 Griffin

I can say without pause, I have been through a thing or two in my life time but I refuse to allow those moments to define me. I am a sum of all my experiences and for that I am great because I own everything as it relates to me. All my experiences are contributing factor to my integrity and character. I am driven to be an agent of change for my/ our communities. At this point in my life I have three main goals and each contributes to eradicating generational poverty in Black/ African American communities. Through the use of Social Entrepreneurship, I plan to leave a legacy of sustainable programs we all can be proud of.