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Career Perspective Interview – Kanesha Williams

In this episode of “Off The Top”, we connect with culinary chef and caterer Kanesha Williams. She is the owner of “Dominique’s Comfort Cuisine” where she crafts a unique blend of elegant down home dishes in the Metro Atlanta Area. Kanesha also dedicates her time to being a positive role for young women of color who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

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  • African Americans representation = 10.4 percent
  • Average Salary                               = $47,396 (USD)
  • 10-year Growth Rate                     = 11.0 percent

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Published by Anna 2.0 Griffin

I can say without pause, I have been through a thing or two in my life time but I refuse to allow those moments to define me. I am a sum of all my experiences and for that I am great because I own everything as it relates to me. All my experiences are contributing factor to my integrity and character. I am driven to be an agent of change for my/ our communities. At this point in my life I have three main goals and each contributes to eradicating generational poverty in Black/ African American communities. Through the use of Social Entrepreneurship, I plan to leave a legacy of sustainable programs we all can be proud of.