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Career Perspective Interview – Kanesha Williams

In this episode of “Off The Top”, we connect with culinary chef and caterer Kanesha Williams. She is the owner of “Dominique’s Comfort Cuisine” where she crafts a unique blendContinue reading “Career Perspective Interview – Kanesha Williams”

Special Edition Guest – Charlotte E. Garnes

In this special edition of “Off The Top”, we connect with pioneer entrepreneur and activist Charlotte Garnes. She is the Program Manager of the Bail Project in the state ofContinue reading “Special Edition Guest – Charlotte E. Garnes”

Career Perspective – Dr. Lillian Williams

In this episode or “Off The Top”, we are delighted to connect with Dr. Lillian Williams. In addition to being faculty at Augusta Technical College, Dr. Williams is a successfulContinue reading “Career Perspective – Dr. Lillian Williams”